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welcome to

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Allow anyone, only registered users, or no one to send you messages.

You don't have to get messages you don't want.

Messages go straight to your email inbox.

Allow people to send you messages directly without revealing your email address.

No likes, tags, tweets, comments, or upvotes.

There are other websites to take care of that stuff.

No distractions to take away from you in particular.

But ParticularMe is the perfect central hub to your online presence.

This isn't a place to post pictures of your lunch.

Or the mood you're in.

Funnel-like structure.

Up to eight, easy to search mini-blogs combined to form a mega-blog.

What is ParticularMe?

It can be described as a visual resume combined with a personal portfolio.

how it works

The top section of the page is dedicated to a personal picture, name, brief description, social media, and contact links.

The focal point in the middle of the page contains up to eight categories which posts may be assigned to.

Once a category is selected, more specific tags within that category are revealed to further refine the posts which appear below the categories in reverse chronological order.

This creates a funnel effect to quickly and easily search through posts.

Try the demo below.

(Click the image below to view the demo profile)

Demo Page

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