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Like most things created, first there was a need for it.

ParticularMe started out as a personal project to build a website that was easy to update, clean and sleek interface, didn't have the distractions of main stream social media, and that a viewer could easily and quickly navigate through (potentially) large amounts and varieties of information.

Through careful consideration, the layout was artfully constructed to minimize clutter and maximize readability. The ParticularMe interface was designed to be an intuitive funnel-type structure that allows a wide variety of information to be narrowed down by general categories, or "parts", and then further refined by tags, or "pieces" until only the desired information is displayed.

This project has become much more than it was originally intended. The initial vision has been expanded to allow others who may have a similar need for such a website to take advantage of the features and easily register and edit their own personal portfolios with the flexibility to make it work for their needs and style.

Finally, this is a project that will [hopefully] continue to grow and expand and continue to be a learning tool for my web development skills as I continue to learn and technology moves forward. Most importantly, I hope this site will provide others a personal media option that's not found anywhere else and we can grow and develop as a community of users.


-Tim [founder]

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